After completing a series of vigorous lab tests the Greener Shingles solution has demonstrated that it can help reduce the effects of aging after being applied to asphalt shingles.

This environmentally safe product improves shingle flexibility which helps the expansion and contracting that happens to shingle throughout the day. Greener Shingles uses a bio-based soybean oil solution.

Asphalt roofs usually start showing signs of aging after five to ten years depending on region and environmental conditions. The shingle’s granular coating starts washing into the gutters as the essential oils dry up, losing the ability to hold the granular in place. Greener Shingle's bio-based product was tested and proven to have a 86% better granular adhesion on treated shingles versus untreated.

Greener Shingles increases shingle flexibility, helps keep granular in place, helps waterproof the surface, suffocates moss, and improves fire resistance, preserving and rejuvenating the shingles to last longer, keeping them on your roof where they belong. 

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I would recommend Greener Shingles to any one of my closest friends and even enemies

- John

Products great, customer service is great, and the project was a huge success

- Don

My shingles are looking like they're almost brand new! The crew was very clean and everything works fantastic

- Harvey

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